Each security system is individual. In addition, the more complex the system and the more important tasks it has to solve, the more it requires qualitative and qualified design. The correct approach to the development of the design of security systems involves taking into account many factors, including the features of the protected facility and the technical characteristics of the equipment used.

Our specialists can perform works on designing security systems of any complexity, taking into account the client’s requirements for quality and at the same time help to avoid unnecessary financial expenses by selecting the equipment most suitable for specific purposes. As a result, you receive the developed perfect system of complex object protection, designed and assembled by a single team of specialists

How do we provide you with safety?

Everyone wants to protect themselves, their homes, their property and their loved ones in our difficult times. To work at home and feel safe, you need to install a security system. In this, you will help the company involved in the development of design estimates, as well as the installation and subsequent maintenance of security systems..

The main components of any security system: • Video surveillance system
• ACS – access control systems
• Security alarm
• Fire alarm.

Video surveillance is a technical security tool and provides the facility with continuous monitoring of the legitimacy of those committed next to it or in direct contact with its individual components of actions.

The company ITSOL carries out design, delivery (sale), mounting (installation), warranty, post-warranty maintenance of video surveillance systems.

Our specialists carry out all kinds of works, including installation and adjustment of concealed surveillance. One of the main advantages of applying to our company is an individual approach to each client. We will pick up the equipment taking into account your wishes, the budget allocated by you and features of those functions, which you want to implement in the surveillance system. Regardless of the conditions and location of the installation, the experience of our specialists allows us to guarantee the quality of all the works in a timely manner.

If you want to maximally secure your house, a parking lot, an enterprise and, in general, any movable and immovable property, then using a high-quality video surveillance system here will be one of the priority conditions for achieving this goal

Problems of theft and theft existed at all times, and there was always a struggle to protect their property and organize security. Earlier, such affinities as locks, high fences, dogs, guards, mechanical traps were used for protection. However, with the development of technical capabilities, ways that are more effective have come to our life, for example, such as burglar alarm, which instantly warns the owner about unauthorized access of the attacker to the territory of the facility where the security system is installed. Such alarms have been used not only to protect homes and territories, but also vehicles and other property items.

The application of the fire safety system is in fact an awareness of the importance of protecting the lives of people and their property (a shop, a country house, a restaurant, office premises, warehouses, production bases, etc.). This system includes in its composition a certain list of devices and devices that are called to warn in advance about the occurrence of smoke or a source of ignition.

The fire element is very dangerous and merciless, at times even an easy ignition can cover a huge territory in a matter of minutes and harm not only property but also people who fell into captivity.

To prevent and prevent fire at the site, modern automatic fire extinguishing systems are used today, which begin to operate immediately after the signal sensors respond. Such systems are much quicker and more effective in dealing with firefighting without human help, which manual systems cannot provide under operator supervision.

In addition, automatic systems perform a rapid response and eliminate the source of fire in an empty house where there are no owners, which ensures security and a sense of confidence at any time.