What is Smart House?

Modern apartments, apartments, cottages, and country houses – this is a complex engineering complex, requiring skilled operation. An intelligent house will take care of you from the management of energy supply, heating, running water and sewage, ventilation and air conditioning. Thanks to home automation, every Smart Home system works in harmony with the rest, in the optimal mode, saving time and money. This housing is free from unnoticed leaks, batteries will not aimlessly heat the room with open windows, and wireless technology will allow the owner to immediately find out about any contingency due to a remote alert.

The technology of creating SmartHouse will allow you to realize almost everything that you can imagine your imagination. Or, if the response is more detailed, the artificial home intelligence system is able to control any device that can be controlled by electricity. From basic life support systems to entertainment and hobbies, from safety issues to climate control, all this home automation will take over.

Finding remotes, going home to turn off the lights everywhere or check the iron, worry about what the neighbors have sunk, or the apartment was burned while you are on vacation – in the past, because you can control everything from your phone, tablet, computer from anywhere in the world.

Everything that happens in the house, while you are not, you will learn by SMS or via the Internet. While you are resting – the house works for you!

• Designing systems “Smart House”;
• Integration of all engineering systems (lighting, curtain / blind drives, climate control, security, multimedia, telecommunications) into a single complex, and their coordinated work;
• Programming scenarios for all systems;
• Organization of centralized management of Smart House equipment with gadgets or wall panels;
• Service maintenance.



Management of groups of light;

Curtain management;

Light control depending on outdoor lighting;

''Switch off all'' button;

Lighting control depending on the level of light in the room and the presence of people;

Control from the touch panel or gadget.


Internal and external video surveillance;

Security and fire alarm;

Door phone;

Access control;

Passive safety (protection from water, gas leaks, CO level).


Video Multimedia;


Media network;

Home theater.


Climate control;

Humidity, ionization;

Unified climate control system in the home.


Calculation of the power consumption of an apartment / cottage;

Electrical installation;

Assembly of electrical boards;

Lightning protection and grounding;

Coordination of the project with the operation service.