IP-telephony is a modern means of communication that fully meets the enterprise’s communication needs. Now you can make phone-to-phone, computer-to-phone or computer-to-computer calls. Save yourself right – up to 70% of cash, unlike regular telephone communication.

Advantages of IP-telephony in the simplicity and speed of its connection, cost savings, excellent communication quality, complete security of negotiations and unlimited lines. Join now – and before you open wide opportunities to optimize work in the office.

How can IP-telephony be helpful?

We understand how difficult it is to solve several tasks simultaneously. That is why; digging ITSOL offers a wide range of ready-made telecommunications solutions.

Thanks to our turnkey solutions, you can choose exactly the option that will be the most effective for building and developing your business.

We in ITSOL’s company know how important it is not to miss a single incoming call and answer all clients, cause this is part of the reputation of the company. That’s why we will help you stay connected. IP-telephony allows organizing an unlimited number of lines at minimal costs.

Any company is interested in the effective operation of its business. We understand the importance of obtaining data for performance evaluation; therefore, with IP telephony from ITSOL you get the opportunity to receive statistics at any time and for any period. The system collects information automatically; you only need to be acquainted with it, setting the necessary time slice.