Video wall acts as a large screen, which displays information in the form of presentations. A video wall can serve both for the output of live video, and for displaying static screensavers or video introductions with the company logo or the name of the event.

The main element of the video wall is the controller, which receives, processes, stores and displays information on a single screen in accordance with the specified scenario. With the help of the controller, the poly screen is able to generate an image there can be as one general image, and several separate coming from different sources.

Video walls are use in such companies as:

Dispatching and situational centers;

Marketing companies engaged in indoor and outdoor advertising;

Museums, libraries, concert halls;

State structures;

Clubs, bars, restaurants;

Shopping centers, shops, fitness centers;

Educational institutions and conference halls.

Sources of information for a video wall can be very different: laptop, computer, computer networks, telemetry equipment, video conferencing systems, DVD players, video recorders, video cameras, etc.